YSEALI Economic Empowerment Regional Workshop

YSEALI Economic Empowerment Regional Workshop 1The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Economic Empowerment Regional Workshop involved youth leaders from the ASEAN region and Timor-Leste for a multi-day workshop centered on the YSEALI pillar of economic empowerment. Through the workshop, participants discussed and experienced how utilizing private sector practices to create social enterprises can create sustainable development at the country and regional levels. The program empowered YSEALI members to develop solutions, connections, and ideas to advance the positive potential of social entrepreneurship across the region and between ASEAN and the United States.

The workshop also inspired participants about the potential of using social entrepreneurship to address key societal challenges. Participants were introduced to the principles and key factors of successful enterprises and how they can use entrepreneurship to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the ASEAN region. The workshop will feature talks, networking sessions, and field visits to local social enterprises, allowing participants to connect with other youth leaders and experience the power of social enterprises firsthand.

In addition, Kenan and its partners delivered applied learning activities that build participants’ soft skills, such as team management, negotiation, and personal branding, all of which are critical to leading successful social enterprises. Finally, participants were able to formulate ideas to address social issues and develop action plans that they can use to launch their own social initiatives when they return to their home countries.