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WeEmpowerAsia: Empowering Women for Stronger Societies

Jan 26,2023

weempowerasiaWeEmpowerAsia is a UN Women program funded by and in partnership with the European Union that seeks to increase the number of women who participate in and lead in business in seven countries in Asia. The project in Thailand strives to increase women’s leadership, participation, and access to business opportunities within the private sector to advance sustainable and inclusive growth. This is accomplished through awareness-raising activities and engaging government agencies and private sector companies in policy discussions and dialogues to advance women’s economic empowerment.

Through WeEmpowerAsia in Thailand, 600 companies will be trained in the WEPs and in conducting a Gender Gap Analysis, and 150 companies will become WEPs signatories, use the Gender Gap Analysis Tool (GAT) and implement WEPs principles to address gender equality. Corporate champions will contribute to further promotion of women’s empowerment in Thailand. The project will also increase access to entrepreneurship and leadership training programs for women, with 200 women-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs economically empowered through business training, financial education and increasing technical skills.

View our range of resources from the WeEmpowerAsia project:

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