Empowering People to Achieve their Dreams

Kenan Foundation Asia believes in a world where everyone has the right to build a better life for themselves, their family, and their community. Every day, we are working in Thailand and the region to inspire students, develop skilled people, and grow strong leaders by empowering them with the knowledge, technology, and skills necessary for a better future. Whether it’s an entrepreneur, a teacher, a student, a community leader, or non-profit manager, we conduct tailored, engaging activities to train, coach and equip them so they can achieve their dreams.

Our Values

Partnership: We collaborate with our stakeholders to co-create and deliver services and programming that address the real challenges facing the people of the region.

Inspiration: We are passionate about creating a better future and take action to make it happen. Through our actions, we inspire others to act and do the same.

Leadership: We are leaders in the field of social and economic development. We empower courageous, adaptable people to succeed in solving the challenges of globalization and provide opportunities and dignity for everyone.

Integrity: We care deeply about our work and our reputation. We do not compromise our ethics, our values, or our professionalism. We take personal responsibility and use good judgment to drive our values in everything we do.

How we Achieve our Vision

  • Utilizing proven, international best practices by adapting them to local contexts to inspire students, develop skilled people, and grow strong leaders.
  • Implementing engaging, exciting, hands-on activities that drive small business competitiveness, transform education, and build lasting communities.
  • Establishing boundary spanning partnerships that strengthen collaboration between key stakeholders in government, the private sector, academia, and civil society.