Education Transformation is Possible

We know. Changing education is hard, but it can and must be done. Kenan works with the education system to inspire students, develop skilled teachers, and grow strong school leaders. Our goal is to ensure every kid receives a 21st century education and is prepared for the careers of tomorrow.

Kenan strives to strengthen economic development and improve Thailand’s overall industry competiveness by refining Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education all across the country.

Kenan’s virtual training is designed to combine high-impact teaching practices and an international standard curriculum in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) content knowledge.

A proven, international quality model of teacher professional development providing training, mentoring and equipment to guide teachers into 21st-century education and improve student outcomes.


Fun, exciting STEM-based activities that will help kids learn to love math and science, while teaching them valuable lessons linked directly to the Thai curriculum and future careers. Check out the exciting activities, including our biggest hit “Life with Robots" or donate to help more Thai kids access these opportunities.

An intensive program for students and youth preparing to enter the workforce to help them build their smart skills and workplace knowledge to give them an edge when entering the workplace.

School leaders have a powerful impact on both students and teachers. Our training helps school leaders develop the knowledge and skills needed to support teachers, make school-wide transformation happen, and improve student outcomes.

Demand-driven studies with actionable policy recommendations for policymakers. Many of our recommendations have been accepted by the government (formal education, STEM education, vocational education, informal education) and changed government policy.



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