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Thai students classroom materialsA Study on the Curation of Digital Resources Database and the Development of Best Practice Guidelines for the Use of Digital Resources to Support Online/Blended Learning in Thailand’s Basic Education

The COVID-19 outbreak, which has been impacting the world since 2020, has caused much disruption in our lives. Social distancing has accelerated the reliance on digital technology in daily life, for example, online shopping, meetings, communication, and learning for elementary to tertiary students. Despite several developments in digital teaching and learning resources at national and global levels, sources of information are still scattered, guidance on how to use digital resources for the educator is lacking, and there is still a gap in access to digital resources.

The project curates a digital learning resource database and develops teacher guidance for selecting, evaluating, and integrating digital learning resources within blended learning methodologies to support in-class instruction. Guidance will also be set up for developing digital learning resources that align with the national curriculum and promote blended learning for educators, organizations, and individuals. The project also makes recommendations for policy guidance through a brief.