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Next Normal Situation Analyses

ม.ค. 26,2023

asian woman covidA Study of COVID-19-induced Global Changes in Preparation for the 2022 APEC SME Meetings

In collaboration with OSMEP, Kenan will conduct a study of the COVID-induced Next Normal trends, and organize an international seminar to disseminate its results. The study will explore and analyze major trends at the global level and in seven case study economies—namely Ireland, China, the US, Chinese Taipei, Viet Nam, India, and Thailand—as well as the impacts of such trends on MSMEs. Key issues emerging from the research will serve as the themes and sub-themes for the SME Ministerial, SME Working Group, and other MSME-related meetings at the upcoming 2022 APEC Summit.

In addition to gaining further insights into the post-COVID world and its implications for governments, businesses, economies, and societies alike, the project will help engage key stakeholders and guide discussions at the 2022 APEC Summit to ensure inclusive development of resilient MSMEs.

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