Transforming Thailand's Teaching


Teacher training alone will never change the way education is delivered in the classroom. Real change requires an investment in time and resources to make sure the change sticks. The heart of Kenan’s education transformation work is a three-part model that provides great training with high-impact teaching practices, hands-on mentoring, and international standard curricula and materials to truly change how teachers teach, ensuring a 21st-century education for Thai kids. 

Over 10,000 teachers agree. Our training has some of the highest satisfaction rates in education. More importantly, teachers actually use what they learn in the classroom.

Kids love the hands-on, group-based nature of the high-impact teaching methods. It makes learning fun while building STEM knowledge and critical 21st-century skills: Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Communication.

Our international standard training modules and materials are fully accepted by the Thai government for use in the classroom. They were localized to the Thai curriculum in partnership with Teachers College at Columbia University, Tokyo Shoseki, and the Smithsonian Institute to exceed rigorous U.S. and Japanese education standards.

In the largest most comprehensive STEM education program evaluation ever conducted in Thailand, Kenan’s teacher professional development was proven to have a major impact on teacher capability and student outcomes. Download the third-party, independent evaluation here:

What Teachers Get

Teacher training Boeing2 962x1024 1Our training combines both high-impact teaching practices and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) content knowledge. Kenan’s education team and network of certified master trainers deliver international school caliber training to Thai general and vocational school teachers.