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The youth leaders, a mentor for the club members

Jan 30,2023

On October 22 2022, Kenan and Kokchan Pankak Silat clubs are holding a subdistrict level competition among the five clubs at Ban Kokchan School, Kokchan subdistrict, Mayo district, Pattani. The competition included club members and representatives, with around nineteen competition programs, including solo and group competitions. The event is proposed to be the first competition for club members. The project expects to take this opportunity for the club members to show their performance and increase their competition experience. And also improve the recognition from the community members such as parents, teachers, and community leaders.

Youth leaders play an essential role in event planning before the event. They planned and prepared the fundamental elements of the competition, such as the venue, sports materials, and sound system. They ensure that the venue and critical Pencak Silat materials are ready for the athletes and participants.

Furthermore, youth leaders are essential in preparing club members to participate in competition programs. Before the competition, the youth leaders devised a program to help Pencak Silat improve her skills. They emphasized proper posture to avoid injury during competition, which is essential for club members.

Moreover, the youth leaders found that the club members lacked confidence in Pencak Silat’s skills because some had just joined the practice within the last three months. Therefore, the youth leaders have a vital role in empowering club members for the competition. They point out that the significance of the competition is not merely winning the games but the experience of joining the competition, which is the opportunity to build their performance and motivation.
To sum up, the youth leader, as the mentor, is vital in building sportsmanship among the members. They believe that not only the result of the competition is significant in demonstrating the athlete’s performance – but also developing sportsmanship and teamwork are meaningful skills that the members receive from the event.

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