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Harnessing Potential: Spotlight on Phornsin Supanyo’s Journey with Youth Employability Skills and Pathways

Oct 30,2023

The Youth Employability Skills and Pathways (YES for Youth) is a unique program for establishing pivotal connections with industry leaders, potentially leading to future employment opportunities. In collaboration with the Citi Foundation and Kenan Foundation Asia, this initiative spanned from November 2022 to October 2023, with over 600 students from five vocational colleges benefiting from its resources.

In today’s fast-paced world, effective communication is an essential workplace skill. Phornsin Supanyo, a first-year diploma student specializing in Digital Business Technology at the Redemptorist College of Technology in Pattaya, has utilized her communication skills to improve public relations efforts. She spearheaded fundraising efforts for her fellow students and took center stage as the host of the college’s music talent show.

Phornsin’s passion for public relations stems from her ability to communicate effectively and her belief in PR’s power to disseminate crucial information when it’s most needed. She aspires to constantly hone her skills, aiming for professional excellence in her future endeavors.

Her involvement in the YES for Youth program, supported by the Citi Foundation and Kenan Foundation Asia, has equipped her with a holistic skill set. This includes design thinking capabilities that promote teamwork and spur creativity, enabling her to envision and execute projects from diverse perspectives.

In addition, Phornsin gained clarity about her career objectives and identified the skills crucial for her growth. The program also introduced her to essential professional tools, like constructing an impressive resume and mastering the art of simulated job interviews. Such hands-on experiences have further bolstered her confidence, preparing her for the demands of her impending career.

Phornsin’s prowess was also evident when she first represented her college in an elevator pitch contest. Engaging empathetically with individuals with disabilities, she showcased her interpersonal finesse, securing the 1st runner-up position.

In Phornsin’s words: “While none of us may be perfect, our abilities can still shine bright. I’m profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share my perspectives and ideas. Winning in my debut contest fills me with pride and gratitude.”

Turning Dreams into Reality: Thiwa Jaimipak’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Thiwa Jaimipak, a first-year Diploma student in Marketing at Thonburi Commercial College, began her professional career during the online education era prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Eager to earn her income, she joined a renowned fast-food chain and served for over two years.

Despite being in just her initial year of college, Thiwa boasts diverse passions, from sports and music to psychology, with a particular emphasis on business. Her drive to be financially independent led her to work part-time, where she embraced plenty of roles in the restaurant. From the kitchen to the cashier’s desk and various other service roles, Thiwa sharpened her prowess in restaurant management with hands-on experience.

Thiwa’s growth was further catalyzed by her involvement in the YES for Youth program, a collaborative initiative by the Citi Foundation and Kenan Foundation Asia. This program equipped her with critical skills, such as crafting a professional resume, effectively showcasing her competencies, and honing her speech and personality.

A notable achievement in her journey was her participation in an elevator pitch contest. Despite initial nerves, she spent countless hours preparing, writing scripts, and practicing timed speeches. Her dedication bore fruit as she clinched the 2nd runner-up position, earning a scholarship and invaluable experience that furthered her aspiration to become an entrepreneur.

Reflecting on her experiences, Thiwa remarked, “Being part of such projects was truly enriching. While I may have started with doubts about my abilities, the rigorous training and relentless pursuit of knowledge have empowered me to tap into my potential and set me on my entrepreneurial path.”

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