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Dasita’s Auditing Dream Journey

Oct 30,2023

Dasita Pale, a second-year Diploma in Accounting at Minburi Technical College, is on a steadfast journey to achieve her dream of becoming an auditor.

During school holidays, Dasita worked as an online store administrator. This position allowed her to communicate with customers, respond to inquiries, and oversee tasks such as packaging and inventory management, providing her with invaluable hands-on experience alongside her academic pursuits.

Dasita acknowledges the complexities of an auditing career, understanding the depth of specialized knowledge it demands. Yet, she identifies communication as her primary area for improvement, particularly public speaking, which she previously shied away from.

Understanding the significance of equipping youth with the right skills before they enter their chosen professions, the Citi Foundation and Kenan Foundation Asia collaborated to launch the “Youth Employability Skills and Pathways Program.” This initiative aimed to prepare vocational students nearing graduation. From November 2022 to October 2023, the program reached out to five vocational colleges, benefiting over 600 students.

Engaging with this program was transformative for Dasita. She saw her potential through a review of her abilities and experiences, as well as receiving 21st-century skills building through intensive training.

The program’s key components, such as resume crafting and interview preparation, bolstered her confidence. Moreover, the 90-second elevator pitch, a crucial activity within the program, catalyzed her personal growth.

To excel in the contest, Dasita participated in mentoring sessions with expert coaches focusing on honing her communication, presentation, and personality development. Alongside this, she actively sought feedback from her teachers and peers, driven by her passion to give an outstanding performance on stage.

Dasita’s diligent preparation this time conquered her fears and clinched the first prize, bagging 30,000 baht from more than 25 contestants.

Reflecting on her journey, Dasita remarked, “I’ve become more assertive and confident. Earlier, I would hesitate even to hold a microphone during events. But now, after being part of the program, I face such situations with newfound courage.”

The path to Dasita’s dream career is unfolding beautifully. Leveraging the skills, she gained through the program; she has already secured an interview and an internship at a reputable accounting firm. Undeterred, she continues to refine her skills, aiming to ascend the ranks in the auditing sector in the coming years.

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