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Kenan Foundation Asia to Serve on the Steering Committee for STEM Education in Schools

Jan 26,2023

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Kenan Foundation Asia is pleased to announce that it has accepted an appointment by Dr. Teerakiat Jareonsettasin, the Minister of Education, to serve on the Steering Committee for STEM Education in Schools. Kenan has designated its Senior Manager for Education, Dr. Kessara Amornvuthivorn, to serve on the Committee.

The responsibilities of the Steering Committee include: 1. To steer policies on STEM education in schools effectively and based on evidence; 2. To ensure that curricula are designed to deliver STEM education effectively in schools; 3. To evaluate the progress of policy implementation and report to the Board of Committees; and, 4. To perform other necessary actions assigned by the Minister and the Deputy Ministers of Education.

Kenan is the only non-government organization that has been appointed to this important committee. For the past twelve years, Kenan has been working to accelerate the changes taking place in education as Thailand moves from one of rote learning and memorization to one using modern pedagogies and group, question-based learning. By improving the curriculum used for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), developing teachers to effectively use modern pedagogies in the classroom to build badly needed 21st century work skills, and supplying classrooms with the equipment needed to teach students using hands-on STEM activities, Kenan is ensuring that hundreds of thousands of students are not being left behind as the region undergoes its next stage of economic development.

Find out how Kenan is accelerating education reform in Thailand through our 21st Century Education activities: www.kenan-asia.org/campaigns/kenan-stem-camps

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