SME Digital Market

SME Digital Market 1The COVID-19 outbreak has affected many business sectors throughout Thailand; small and medium businesses, particularly, have been significantly impacted. SMEs are required to adapt their business strategies to match customer demand.

Key strategies for business growth include increasing online business channels, analyzing the market and customer database, developing products and services to meet demand, and adjusting the business model. In the future, digital will be at the core of SME business growth. Strengthening SMEs’ digital marketing by applying proven digital strategies will benefit business owners and enable them to reach their target customers.

Kenan aims to build the capacity of 500 SME owners and entrepreneurs. We will achieve this by strengthening the digital marketing capacity of SMEs to develop their brand and improve profit and return on investment using digital tools.

The program, funded by The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (SME D Bank), is designed to look at ways for SMEs to grow their business and provide opportunities to enhance business model digital adaptation and expansion to increase their income.

The project includes a series of specialized training sessions, including building skills in digital marketing, Shopee, Google, and Facebook, and online business group consultations.

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