School Leadership Training


While school leaders wear many hats, their ultimate responsibility is to ensure that each kid who walks through their hallways receives a quality education. Doing so requires a person with the ability to create a culture of inspiration, growth, and achievement among teachers and students alike. Because of the pivotal role school leaders play in driving school-wide change, Kenan has made school leadership training a central part of its work to transform education in Thailand.


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In Kenan’s training program, principals, vice principals, and department heads develop their skills and knowledge to help lead education transformation at their schools.


Thailand leader training principal educationFor school leaders to use their knowledge of high-impact teaching practices as well as their data analysis to make real change happen, they must develop the skills to motivate, coach, and support teachers and students. To help school leaders develop critical skills, Kenan’s training program demonstrates best practices in providing constructive feedback to teachers, encouraging students, and facilitating professional learning communities (PLCs) within their school.