Remodeling demographic structure towards sustainable and inclusive society

Remodeling demographic structure towards sustainable and inclusive society 1This project has three objectives: 1) to build cross-sector collaboration to arrive at a shared vision for smart family planning; 2) to develop an informal network among multisector stakeholders and build a platform and opportunities for dialogues to jointly identify key initiatives and priorities for a Smart Family Planning Declaration; 3) to host a policy forum (Phase 1) and develop the declaration (Phase 2) for leading government agencies and other key stakeholders to agree on the Smart Family Planning policy and seek their commitment to support Phase 2 actions.

This project consists of two phases. Phase 1 will focus on a policy advocacy approach. Kenan and its partners will facilitate a policy forum where key stakeholders from multiple sectors, brainstorm and discuss issues regarding women of reproductive age at risk due to a lack of knowledge in smart family planning and inappropriate reproductive health practices.

Subsequently, in Phase 2, Kenan and the partners will facilitate collaboration among the stakeholders to form an informal network and support sharing ideas and approaches that will lead to mutual understandings and agreement on specific actions and steps going forward.

The project will result in multisector collaboration in the policy forum on SMART family planning, a stakeholder analysis report, and forming an informal network for a SMART Family Planning declaration.