Circular Economy for Sustainable Growth

Fact & Figure


Rayong, Thailand




Kenan Foundation Asia

Project length:

December 2022 – June 2023

Targeted beneficiaries :

Communities in Rayong, university students, representatives from the private sector, and associations


PTT Global Chemical (GC) and ALPHA had partnered to create ENVICCO, the largest integrated line of plastic recycling plants in Southeast Asia. ENVICCO was founded on the ‘Circular Economy’ concept to support the efficient use of resources and reflect environmental responsibility by reducing single-use plastics. GC has established 5 recycling hubs in Rayong’s communities to promote the community waste model and supply plastics to the ENVICCO factory.

The Project

GC has tasked Kenan Foundation Asia to design and implement a program to enhance the capacity of the community hubs to

  1. increase knowledge and economic opportunities among community members,
  2. contribute to sustainable development practices and behavior, and
  3. promote a strong corporate reputation and recognition.

The project will assist GC’s goal of expanding recycling hubs all over Rayong.

Project Components

  1. Kenan will recruit university students to undergo training (on key topics such as project management, ESG concepts, Circular Economy, etc.). And further, interact with recycling hubs and ENVICCO members to understand the process and operation – and better prepare them to develop a business plan.
  2. Students will partner with the current recycling hub for 4 months to implement a business plan to increase the hub’s output in an efficient yet sustainable manner.
  3. Each team will present the results of the implemented plan at the final showcase to stakeholders from both private and public sectors. Award will be given based on the results and design
  4. A final report will be developed to present a model that encompasses best practices, checklist, guidance, and recommendations for replicating the recycling hub in other communities.

Outcome Expected

The Project aims to utilize the training and competition to increase knowledge and awareness of waste management and sustainability among university students, community members, and other stakeholders in Rayong. Discussions and interactions among all stakeholders will further strengthen the relationship among members of the Rayong community to work toward a common goal. The final report will consolidate insights and knowledge into a framework and guideline on how to replicate the recycling hub model in other communities for GC to apply in their work toward the goal of 50 recycling hubs.

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