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The Pillars of our Mission.

Kenan is dedicated to improving lives and generating a positive impact on society. Having sound and comprehensive policies to guide our work allow us to ensure we are doing no harm, staying accountable to communities and our clients, and promoting transparency in all we do. On this page you can find out more about our policies that guide Kenan’s planning and project implementation.

Our Policies.

Anti-Human Trafficking Compliance Plan
USAID-Chumchon Harapan Project

This Compliance Plan is specific to the USAID-funded Chumchon Harapan project. It is based on Kenan’s organization-wide Compliance Plan and accounts for the context of the activities of the project, the project location, and the complexity of the project. The Compliance Plan corresponds to the nature and scope of the activities of the project.

Anti-Human Trafficking Compliance Plan


Kenan Foundation Asia has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to Human Trafficking and is committed to mitigating the risk of Human Trafficking in connection with its operations and programs.

Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy


At Kenan, we profoundly believe in creating an environment where everyone feels valued, safe, and respected. Our Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy underscores this commitment by safeguarding our workplace from discrimination, harassment, or bullying. We emphasize the significance of respecting individuality and promoting equality across all levels of our organization.

Anti-Fraud & Corruption Policy

We hold steadfast to our commitment to conduct business that upholds the highest integrity, transparency, and accountability standards. Our Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy outlines this commitment, providing clear guidelines to prevent, detect, and respond to any instances of fraud and corruption. We believe in cultivating an organizational culture where ethical behavior is the norm and fraudulent or corrupt practices are swiftly addressed.


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