OSMEP Indicators for SMEs 1

OSMEP Indicators for SMEs

Thailand’s Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion (OSMEP) (September 2015-February 2016)

In September of 2015, Kenan consultants began developing SME competitiveness indicators for Thailand’s Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion (OSMEP).

Due to their significant role in determining Thailand’s overall economic growth and job creation, it is critical to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of SMEs. With this aim in mind, Kenan consultants studied indicator tools created by major international economic institutes, such as the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), before developing a methodology to measure SME competitiveness that was specifically suited for Thailand. Crucial areas of evaluation include financial access, technology, and governmental policy. Before the project is completed in February 2016, 10 leading experts on Thailand’s economy will provide feedback on the selected indicator. Based on this feedback, Kenan will design an indicator to measure Thai SMEs that OSMEP will utilize moving forward.



  1. Interested in SME competitiveness indicators for Thailand. Please give me more details. Thanks.

    • Kenan Asia
      November 5, 2020

      Dear Khun Manit,

      Thanks for your interest. Please email [email protected] with your request and we can try to help.

      Kind regards,


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