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Turning the tables: creating online business in agriculture

Jan 26,2023

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For small businesses, turning a crisis into an opportunity can be one of the most impactful strategies to leverage business growth, especially during a recession where entrepreneurs may have to pivot their product management or find other distribution channels to survive. This was certainly the case for Ammorn Banjong, a freelance radio host whose family business was significantly damaged due to the slump in rice prices. However, Ammorn stood steadfast in her goal. To survive the crisis, she upgraded a plain agricultural product into a rice brand named “Nayasi” under the concept of ‘high-quality Thai jasmine rice from farm to table.’ In 2021, Ammorn also created a Facebook Business Page with the same name to promote her product online and reach a broader customer base across Thailand.

Ammorn then decided to join the GHB Seniors Got Talent program, conducted by Kenan Foundation Asia. The program provided Ammorn with a wealth of opportunities to expand her business network and learn how to maximize her Facebook Business Page. The training equipped Ammorn with a broad spectrum of knowledge, including improving her financial management using the Facebook Business Page tools. Ammorn proudly mentioned that what she had learned during the training has improved the business significantly.

Since Ammorn is not a permanent employee, she can immerse herself wholly in working with the local farmers to form a Thai jasmine rice community enterprise. Ammorn is now looking to gather agricultural experts, who have the same commitment as her, to create a committee and help strengthen the community together.

Ammorn believes that there are three key points to achieve success in online business:

  • Effective logistics performance – the entrepreneur needs to find the most affordable parcel delivery service and ensure the supply chain can run smoothly to boost customer satisfaction.
  • Attractive and high-quality packaging – Apart from attracting customers, the package is one of the key elements to protect the product inside and preserve its quality. This is especially the case with agricultural products.
  • Be honest to your customers – Don’t exaggerate the product’s capability or employ other tactics for short-term gain. Instead, make sure that the prices are fair, and the shipping is on time.

Ammorn is an entrepreneur who has taken forward the idea of transforming agricultural products. Kenan believes that everyone can formulate their ideas and strategies and start an online business at their own pace. All we need is the eagerness to learn, seize opportunities when they come, and be brave enough to execute. This will increase your chance of becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

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