Empowering pre-seniors and seniors to prepare for better active aging lives.

Aging is a growing concern in Thailand with the potential to destabilize large segments of society. Within the next decade, more than one out of every five Thai citizens will be at least 60 years old, making the country “super aged” and leading to a host of economic and healthcare challenges. Kenan has identified promoting a healthy aging society for seniors and pre-seniors as one of its key challenges to be addressed in Thailand.

Kenan has successfully implemented its NextGen Aging Model for over four years in Thailand. The model focuses on improving physical and mental health, financial security, employability, and promoting lifelong learning for pre-seniors and seniors by building the capacity of change agents in communities.

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Piyabutr Cholvijarn, President of Kenan Foundation Asia shares his views during his opening speech at the virtual conference:

Promoting Decent Work for Older Persons for an Inclusive Society in ASEAN+3: Strengthening A More Resilient and Inclusive Society During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic."

The conference was hosted by Chulalongkorn University together with Social Innovation Foundation, ThaiHealth Promotion Foundation, HelpAge International, and Foundation for Older Persons’ Development to empower pre-seniors and seniors to prepare for better active aging lives.

Kenan's NextGen Program

Retirement planning asian family


Improve financial literacy and change behaviors for retirement planning and savings

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Improve seniors' and pre-seniors' physical and mental health

NextGen Aging 22


Generate employment opportunities through reskilling and entrepreneurship

NextGen Aging 23


Introduce technologies to support livelihoods, and build the digital literacy capacity of seniors

NextGen Aging 24

Network of leading experts

Kenan engages a group of high-caliber experts in public health, financial literacy, and employment who have deep knowledge and experience.

NextGen Aging 25

Strong networks in the local community

Kenan worked closely with change agents, including health volunteers, for more than three years. We understand each community’s limitations and needs.

NextGen Aging 26

Transparency and evidence-based approach

Kenan is committed to project transparency. We generate project implementation reports to illustrate project impact and financial results.

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