New Entrepreneur Creation 1

New Entrepreneur Creation

Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP) (2006-Present)

Kenan has partnered with Thailand’s Department of Industrial Promotion for 10 years on the New Entrepreneurs Creation (NEC) project.

Kenan provides new entrepreneurs with the essential skills necessary to run, operate, and grow and small business. NEC works by providing training to aspiring entrepreneurs who lack the necessary financial and managerial skills to successfully expand their businesses. In 2015 alone, 60 entrepreneurs participated in intensive training sessions designed to provide them with marketing strategies, financial and organizational management techniques, and business plan development and implementation methodologies. In addition, Kenan experts preformed one-on-one consultations to review business plans. Out of the 60 developed business plans, 14 resulted in the establishment of a new business and 14 culminated in a business expansion, with an average investment of over 1,300,000 baht per entrepreneur.


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