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Ms. Sofia Jeana: Deputy Chief of Party, Pattani Office, Kenan Foundation Asia

Jan 26,2023


Time at Kenan: 5 years

Value Discussion: Inspiration

Brief job description:
As the Deputy Chief of Party for HOPE Yala project, Sofia is part of the technical team, and works to create a model and mechanism for peace through trust building between Muslims and Buddhists in Pattani and Yala province by empowering youth leaders of both religions to work together and with community and religious leaders to find workable solutions that can meet their local community needs.

Why did you join Kenan?
Kenan is a unique Non for Profit Organization that has incredibly strong backgrounds. The project that I worked with gave me a better understanding of people behaviors and reactions, as a result, I have found myself realizes in the importance of education and youth leadership. Kenan is a place that I could connect my passion for education with my desire of helping others. Kenan has fulfilled my dream to help people in my community by combining an education and a peacebuilding nicely.

What’s your role at Kenan, and what’s most challenging about it?
I am serving as Deputy Chief of Party for the USAID-funded HOPE Project to provide support and coordinating with local partners and stakeholders in Pattani and Yala Province, including students, professors, parents, teachers, and community and religious leaders, and building successful networks for students, professors, parents, teachers, and community and religious leaders to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other.

The main challenge is building trust with people in conflict areas namely, Pattani and Yala province. The implementing processes must be created carefully to ensure the protection and privacy of both individuals and communities along with upholding the ‘do no harm’ principle.

What does Kenan’s value of inspiration mean to you?
Kenan’s value inspires me in a way of sustainable work. To work with people in conflict areas, Kenan gives me an opportunity to work with smart, accomplished peoples who helped me grow professionally and created clear channels and interventions toward sustainable peace in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand.

What do you like most about your work at Kenan?
Kenan culture is great which made me feel comfortable working at my current job. I really enjoy giving direct support to HOPE team in a way that really makes a sustainable development for communities. Additionally, I enjoy the challenges, I enjoy the responsibility and I enjoy the methodical and precise approach which is necessary for me to deliver peace to the three southernmost communities.

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