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Citi Teacher’s Money Sense

Following up on its successful financial literacy project for at-risk women, Citi Foundation worked with Kenan to create a financial training program for low-income teachers and their students in Nonthaburi, Nakhonnayok, Rayong and Chon Buri provinces. To ensure its sustainability, the Teacher’s Money Sense project was designed to instruct teachers not only about personal financial skills, but also how to impart this knowledge to their students through entertaining teaching techniques. Financial skills taught include financial planning, budgeting, saving, retirement planning, insurance and taxation. Experts from Citi Thailand volunteered to help with the two-day training, leading a seminar about the sufficiency economy and personal finance.

Since 2012, the project trained 351 low-income teachers from 133 schools and held a “Financial Fun Day” camp for 95 grade 7-9 students.

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