Microsoft Techspert

Microsoft (November 2015-December 2016)

microsoft techsperts education program

Seeking to improve the employment prospects of young adults in Bangkok and Hanoi, the Microsoft Techspert project builds the technical capacity of vocational school students in those two cities, preparing them for a successful technology retail career.

With assistance from Microsoft “Brand Ambassadors,” Kenan experts in Thailand and Vietnam equip young vocational students with essential technology sales skills, focusing on communication, professionalism, sales, and familiarity with Microsoft platforms and applications. Participants who complete the program will be certified as Microsoft Techspert and will be ready to join the technology retail workforce. In 2015, Kenan worked to identify gaps between young salespeople’s skills and the relevant workforce demands, adapt and localize curriculums, deliver trainings, and establish mentoring relationships. Since beginning, Kenan and Microsoft experts developed the capacities of 80 vocational school students and recent graduates in Bangkok, Thailand and Hanoi, Vietnam.