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Microsoft IT for NGO Connection Day (NGO IT)

Jan 26,2023

Microsoft Corporation (January 2012 – 2015)

Now in its third year, the Microsoft NGO IT project reaches out to NGOs both in Bangkok and located in more rural areas to build their management, leadership, and ICT process improvement capacities. The project holds regular Round Table and Connection Days, which are designed to bolster the technological capacities of local NGOs and provide them with critical IT training and software donations.

Many local NGOs lack the IT infrastructure needed to truly help the people they serve and the Microsoft NGO IT project therefore reaches thousands of indirect beneficiaries. NGOs are also encouraged to network, build relationships with each other, and share IT best practices crucial to their work. Some 239 individuals representing 128 NGOs have attended the seminars to date. The training curriculum, which includes lessons in using Microsoft’s productivity software, was designed to improve the ICT capabilities of NGOs, thereby making them more efficient in carrying out their mission.

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