Citi-Kenan Micro and SME Academy for Digital Youth

The Covid-19 outbreak has severely impacted the youth unemployment rate, especially among graduates, students, and disadvantaged people at risk of dropping out of the education system; including those who choose to study a vocational course because of the lower cost compared to other further study options. The development of vocational education is therefore essential and needs cooperation from all sides.

Kenan Foundation Asia and Citi Foundation designed a project to form skills in digital entrepreneurship for young people of the new generation (18-30 years old) who are interested in entrepreneurship but lack startup funding. The participants are supported to get training and advice from experts at no cost, and this project involves a business plan competition to win a starter fund award to set up a business.

The project aims to prepare and develop young people to cope with the rapidity of technology changes and the post-Covid-19 world with confidence. With alliances between governments and non-state actors, the opportunities for self-improvement to build the skills youth need will be pragmatically supported. The project includes a range of programs that create a sense of entrepreneurship incorporating vocational skills, a basic entrepreneurship program, and funding sources to motivate young minds to start their own business.

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