YSEALI Virtual Pitching 2021

Jun 28,2021

– Wut Yee Kyi Pyar | Myanmar
Mindful Travel Application 0:00:35

– Lan Ngo | Vietnam
Teen Entrepreneurship Boot-camp 0:08:01

– Aye Nyein Minn | Myanmar
Self-learning program for youths with YSEALI Alumni – SPY-YA 0:15:05

– Natchaya Nararust | Thailand
KID&COOL 0:22:50

– Chinh Nguyen Luong | Vietnam
Develope the Ethnique Clothing Brand 0:29:48

– Belinda Azzahra Irwan Putri | Indonesia
Teman Tani 0:36:53

Carmen Roceli Lopez | Philippines
HerStore 0:43:58

Austin Fascal Iskandar | Indonesia
KerabaTani Integrated Apps: A Ubiquitous Smart Farming Platform with Recommendation System to Improve Agricultural Productivity 0:51:36

Keingkham Supa | Thailand
Exit like non-existent 0:59:02

Korkor Pisut | Thailand
TTDC 1:06:28

Whisnu Febry Afrianto | Indonesia
Regenerating Agriculture Generation 1:13:42

Sarah Jane Fabito | Philippines
WiCode for Kids 1:20:53

Chin Sopanha | Cambodia
Jumneanh 1:27:45

Jason Occidental | Philippines
Fabric8Forward 1:34:46

Muhammad Salman Al-Farisi | Indonesia
Ecostar Hub 1:41:45

Hoang Nguyen | Vietnam
FedFood 1:49:43

Ghifari Yuristiadhi Masyhari Makhasi | Indonesia
Bakpia-Pedia 1:56:38

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