WE Inspire: “Good Health Good Life” activity

Jun 22,2023

Marginalized women in Chiang Rai have long faced significant healthcare assessment constraints and financial burdens.
Kenan Foundation Asia partnered with Chiang Khong Crown Prince Hospital, Wiang Kaen Hospital, Center for Girls Foundation, Chiang Khong Council of Women, and Dreamlopments Foundation to address this issue. Together, we organized the “Good Health Good Life” activity on 5-6 May 2023 in Chiang Rai, for 120 marginalized women. The activity aimed to improve the participants’ overall well-being by testing their physical fitness and providing them with valuable health care tips. The activity focused on three essential principles: nutrition, exercise, and emotional well-being. Additionally, the participants were equipped with guidelines for self-assessment, including preliminary breast cancer screenings, health label reading, and guidance on portion control for a balanced diet. The project aimed to transform healthcare behaviors by gradually promoting healthier habits in the long run.

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