Satellites📡, robots, VR, oh my! Thai students explore 21st century careers

Sep 4,2018

The Science Caravan, run by the National Science Museum (NSM) under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), brings hands-on learning materials to provinces across Thailand, partnering with local universities to plant the exhibition on campus. For the week in Sa Kaeo, dozens of buses full of schoolchildren arrive every morning, who cross the field to enter a bustling gymnasium.

For the last two years, Chevron Enjoy Science has collaborated with the National Science Museum to augment the traveling exhibition with the Enjoy Science Careers, which presents real-world applications of STEM concepts and encourages students to pursue a career in various STEM-related fields.

The Enjoy Science Careers exhibition has already reached nearly 100,000 students this semester, and almost 450,000 students since the program’s inception in 2016. This semester alone, the exhibition has traveled to Ubon Ratchathani, Mukdahan, Roi Et, Uttaradit, Phijit, Chainat, Trat, Sa Kaeo, Krabi and Patthalung.

The careers highlighted this year are: (1) health, environment and safety specialist; (2) satellite engineer; (3) robotic and mechatronic engineer; (4) nano material researcher; (5) strength and conditioning coach; (6) railway systems engineer; (7) sound engineer; (8) investment analyst; (9) smart farmer; and (10) data scientist.

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