25th Annual Reception

Feb 21,2022

25th Annual Reception
February 17, 2022

For the past 25 years, our beliefs have never been shaken. We believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities and has the right to build a better life. Every day at Kenan, we work to transform education and drive economic and social inclusion.

In two breakout rooms, we demonstrated our work that contributes to the SDGs through interactive approaches. The first room is called ‘Economy and Education of the Future’, demonstrating how end-to-end capacity building can transform the economy and education through equipping disadvantaged small businesses and teachers with 21st-century knowledge, technology, and skill. The other room is called the ‘New Generation of Young Generation’ demonstrating how Kenan and its partners can build the capacity of children and youth and create equal opportunities for decent work in the digital age.

During this challenging and disruptive time, our support is more crucial than ever. We will never stop striving to be better, and the ongoing support of our partners will be vital to the continuation of our impactful programming for decades to come.

Learn more about us via our 2021 Annual Report: bit.ly/Kenan2021Report

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