Making STEM careers inspiring and possible

Science inspired girl

Since the Teachers TryScience project kicked off in 2015, Ms. Wilailuck Pinkaew or Kru (teacher) Aeed, Head of Science at Lad Pla Kao School in Bangkok, applied to the project and is now one of the master teachers. With limited knowledge about STEM, she quickly learned about the importance of STEM education and the teaching approach.

“The significant improvement of my students proves that STEM is crucial to Thai education. Previously, as a physics teacher, I always found that lessons were difficult for students to understand and relate to their daily life or future career. This happened until I started using STEM educational materials.”

The STEM lessons mentioned by Kru Aeed include educational materials from the “Teachers TryScience” website, localized by Kenan and Mahidol experts to match the local curriculum. Thai science and math teachers can access STEM teaching materials, with instructions, free of charge. During the workshop, Kru Aeed and all participating teachers also received useful techniques to improve critical thinking and communication skills of Thai students. Shortly after participation, Kru Aeed started applying some of what she had learned to her classes.

“The lesson and suggested activities not only helped my students understand difficult concepts, but also enabled them to analyze a physics question. Most importantly, everyone in my class, whether good or poor student, enjoys learning and is more confident in their creativity. Many students were inspired to study further or pursue careers in STEM field.”

Currently, Kru Aeed is part of a core group of master teachers who help to disseminate STEM teaching techniques to more than 100 science and math teachers in various middle schools throughout Bangkok and nearby Samutprakarn. Using educational resources provided by IBM and Kenan under the Thai Teachers TryScience project, Thai teachers can fulfill their potential to improve students’ STEM knowledge and skills effectively. The children will develop to become human resources in STEM fields and in support of “Thailand 4.0” – a new model that aims to fuel Thailand’s global competitiveness.


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