The development needs of communities in Thailand and the region have changed over the decades and will continue to evolve in the future. Despite the changes, Kenan has stood ready to help build lasting communities and solve their greatest challenges, from eradicating malaria in rural, border provinces of Thailand to building the capacity of civil society organizations across Lao PDR to advocate for the needs of local people at the national level.

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Today, we’re introducing a new, holistic healthcare model to communities, empowering youth leaders to become positive change agents in communities in conflict, and supplying much-needed financial literacy training to enable low-income earners to achieve financial freedom. Our work expands from the grassroots level to drive broader transformational change, including building professional learning communities of teachers to support educational reform, and helping bridge divides between workers, industrial managers, and government officials to ensure that everyone reaps the rewards of economic growth. Although the challenges have changed, our goal remains the same – to build lasting communities where all individuals can achieve their dreams.

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