Kenan’s Driving Economic and Social Inclusion programs are designed to increase awareness and promote positive change to reduce inequalities in the private sector, in the community, and through government while bridging the gap of beliefs, values, and accessibility to strengthen social cohesion.

Digital Citizenship

Promote a sense of digital citizenship and equip people with tools and skills to effectively navigate and engage in the growing and evolving digital community.

Thai SME

NextGen Aging Care Model

Preparedness of healthy aging society using a multi-disciplinary approach to improve the quality of life in target communities by considering sustainable impact.

Retirement planning asian family

Inclusive Growth Program

Promote gender quality and equip the disadvantaged by building self-esteem, confidence, and 21st century skills to promote decent work, increase economic opportunity, and inclusive growth.

asian women workers

Integrated Community Engagement

Empowering youth and community leaders to become community change agents, bridging generation gaps among community members, and leading to improved social cohesion.

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