Ms. Kieu Anh Phan: Program Manager, Vietnam, Kenan Foundation Asia

Ms. Kieu Anh Phan: Program Manager, Vietnam, Kenan Foundation Asia 1

Time at Kenan: 5 years
Value Discussion: Inspiration

Ms. Kieu Anh Phan is the current Country Program Manager for Kenan-Vietnam. She has been working with Kenan since April 2013 and was the very first staff member to join the Vietnam team. Ms. Kieu Anh is a development professional with over 19 years of experience in project design, management, and financial governance. She has a strong passion for gender-related issues in health, education and economic aspects with a focus on women. As well, Ms. Kieu Anh is highly involved in women and children’s rights, reproductive health, the disabled community, and family planning service provisions.

Why did you join Kenan?
Before joining the social-economic development sector, I spent 10 years working for the private sector in different managerial positions and over 19 years working in the non-profit industry. As I was looking to move into a new field of work, I was introduced to Kenan; where I found that Kenan’s ability to mobilize the resources of the private, civic, and public sectors with governmental support to be uniquely different and bridge together my previous work experience. I realized that by working for Kenan, I would have the potential to address critical social and economic development challenges facing Vietnam.

What’s your role at Kenan, and what’s most challenging about it?
Where to begin; I have several roles as the Country Program Manager of Kenan-Vietnam. To quickly summarize it, I am responsible for guaranteeing that office operations run smoothly and that all projects meet local policies and regulations and are in agreement with our Thailand office. As well, I contribute to plans and program designs in coordination with excellent staff at Kenan-Vietnam to provide well-organized and sustainable projects that address the primary needs of Vietnamese society.

What’s do you like most about your work, and what is your favorite project?
What I love most about my job is inspiring the people of Vietnam by empowering them with the confidence and skills to make positive changes in their lives and communities, and Kenan allows me to do just that! Our YSEALI Economic Engagement in ASEAN regional workshop held in August of 2017, has been one of my favorite projects. The YSEALI project brought together 80 young adults from 10 countries in South East Asia to provide them with core knowledge about the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), so they could take their knowledge and skills back to their communities to create change. This project allowed what I love most about my work to shine through.

What does Kenan’s value of inspiration mean to you?
To me inspiration means to provide opportunities to the people of Vietnam to take control of their lives and destinies. Kenan is always striving to do more by continually providing opportunities for people to create real and sustainable change in their communities and lives by inspiring them to reach higher.

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