Kids Accidently Learn to Love Math

Let’s face it, most kids (and adults!) find math a bit boring, even though they know it’s really important for the future.

As Ms. Jiratthida Phonnirakul, a 4th grade teacher in the Sura Ban Rai School, Samut Prakan Province explains, “Normally, the teacher simply gives students knowledge. Students don’t have the opportunity to express themselves, with no chance to speak, make decisions and solve problems.” This type of rote learning leads to a lack on student interest in math, and fewer future career options.

For the past four years, Thai students have not scored more than 50% in most subjects on the national ONET exam; with math scores the lowest of the core subjects at an abysmal 24.53%.

Ms. Jiratthida, like many Thai teachers, was looking for a better, more engaging way to teach students in her class. She explains, “Teaching mathematics is difficult because you have to make difficult ideas easy to understand. But, if we look back at when we were children, children learn best using the same methods we enjoyed. Trying their own hands at solving an activity or game together will help students remember the lessons longer and more deeply.”

By using Kenan’s Enhanced Project-based Learning teaching practices, she has been able to inspire her class and teach them math without them even knowing it, engaging students in fun, hands-on engineering projects that even help the local community.

Learn more about Ms. Jiratthida and her newfound energy in the classroom by watching her story in the above video.

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