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Small Restaurant Adapts for Sustainable Business Success

Jan 26,2023

One of the things that Boost with Facebook has given great importance to is to provide people from different backgrounds access to training to build their digital marketing skills, for example, disabled people, LGBT, the elderly, low income, or other marginalized groups. Khun Yosanat is one of these inspirational stories as she runs a very successful restaurant business with impaired hearing.

Khun Yosanut participated in the project that adapted the curriculum specifically for those with impaired hearing. This is the first time that a project in Thailand provided training for people with impaired hearing in Thailand. Khun Yosanat used Facebook to reach both Thai and foreign customers, here is an interview that will give you an idea of ​​the efforts and success of Khun Yosanat and Ama Dim Sum restaurant, which is based in Hatyai, Thailand. It is a great example of small business success.

What inspired you to start your own business?

My inspiration to start this business came from my grandma’s Chinese food recipes. I used to operate a Thai made-to-order restaurant, but it did not go very well. My wife began to think about making something different and realized that we had secret recipes from my grandma. That led us to search for the right mixture of ingredients to make these special dishes for my customers.

What do you find most rewarding about being a business owner?

I love freedom. As a business owner, I have the freedom to think and manage the process by myself and ultimately the results are up to me.

What is the biggest challenge of running your own business?

The most challenging task is to make a business that is sustainable and profitable in the long term.

How did Boost with Facebook help your business?

Hat Yai is considered a tourist destination for Thais and foreigners. Boost with Facebook helped us become better known with our target customers. People are able to find us more easily than ever before. As a result, about 60 percent of our customers are foreign today.

How did Boost with Facebook help you overcome your challenges?

I am quite lucky because I have a large foreign customer portfolio. These customers tend to be willing to spend more money than the locals and like to try different kinds of food. Through Boost with Facebook, I learned to segment customers, which allows me to reach these foreigners.

How does Facebook help small businesses?

It helps small businesses become more well known to targeted customers. Owners can communicate the right message to the right customers on Facebook, which helps these customers understand our products and services more easily and faster than through traditional media.

How does Facebook help you reach new customers, inside and outside of Thailand?

Many foreign customers like to check in and post pictures from our restaurant on their Facebook wall. Customers really help us by promoting our restaurant and its location to their friends.

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