Small business

Regional Enterprise Development Project for Cambodia

Jan 26,2023

USAID (2002 – 2004)

With over US $100,000 in funding from USAID, Kenan Foundation Asia developed the capacity of SME Cambodia (SMEC), an SME-oriented NGO, through four key activities: internships in Thailand, train-the-trainers sessions, technical assistance, and association building. Internships were conducted to provide exposure to active consulting assignments, to attend seminars, and to research Thai companies in the same industries as SMEC’s clients.

Kenan business consultants traveled to Cambodia to train SME staff on business plan writing, basic finance and accounting, marketing, and consulting skills. In addition, relationships among Thai and Cambodian rice miller, brick, tile, and fishery associations, were established. Finally, a cooperative credit fund for Battambang rice millers was launched.

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