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Jan 26,2023

LGBTQ+Thai society is yet to fully accept and support its LGBTQ+ community. Whilst the country may not promote any overt persecution of the community, people of minority gender-identities and sexualities tend only to be tolerated if they remain within certain social confines. Sakunnapat Manokanokpanich is a passionate member of Thailand’s queer community. It is his goal to reshape the way Thai society perceives LGBTQ+ people, and the community’s image, for the better. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it brought with it the change Sakunnapat needed to turn his dreams into reality.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many people lose their jobs, and unfortunately, Sakunnapat was no exception. He was working as a tour guide at the time, in an industry that was one of the worst affected by the pandemic, both in Thailand and around the world. “I felt lost at the beginning,” said Sakunnapat, “and it was quite hard to stay positive. Then, I tried to think about what I always wanted to do but hadn’t had the chance to do yet. That’s when I started building my own company doing LGBTQ+-friendly tours.”

Starting a new business from scratch requires mastering a range of new skills and insights. To ensure his LGBTQ+ tours would be a success, Sakunnapat decided to sign up for the Meta Boost digital marketing training program. There, Sakunnapat equipped himself with new digital skills and a fresh mindset. In 2022, digital literacy has become a base necessity not just for the individual, but also for the business. As such, developing a knowledge of the digital sphere can open the door to endless new possibilities. With his Meta Boost training, Sakunnapat is now able to bring his passion for equality and tourism to a much wider audience.

“Meta Boost helped me to understand that digital marketing is not only about shooting ads, but is also about understanding how the market works,”

Sakunnapat said. “Once I applied the knowledge from my training, engagement went up from 100 likes to 500 likes per post. We deliver fun and colorful content, and we believe that this will put a smile on the face of anyone who sees it. In the darkest times, everyone needs a little positivity.”

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