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Never too old to dream

Jan 26,2023

elderly thai woman fitnessBy day, Jenjira Pongsa, aka Jane, is a bank clerk at the Government Housing Bank. She also manages a Facebook Business Page called “Fit & Healthy By Jane” to share her healthcare knowledge and passion for staying healthy.

Jane believes that an online business can start from low investment. The most important things to get started are the motivation to learn and seek new information and select the right tools, such as creating a Facebook Business Page, which Jane also uses to analyze her target audiences and adapt her messaging by looking at what posts are working the best. Even though starting an online business these days is relatively simple; there are many challenges to compete effectively in the marketplace.

Through her hard work and learning, Jane became a Unilever partner, giving her the chance to leverage a large, multinational brand. However, many people are looking to partner with Unilever, which means that Jane must keep working to figure out how to retain her existing clients and attract new clients. She manages to do this by observing and learning from others to continue improving her key selling points.

To continue to compete, Jane applied to join the “GHB Seniors Got Talent” program conducted by Kenan Foundation Asia, which aims to enhance senior citizens’ entrepreneurship and online marketing skills. The program has equipped Jane with a comprehensive understanding of online marketing. She had the chance to join a workshop given by an experienced speaker who provided knowledge on creating a successful Facebook Page. During the workshop, Jane also had an opportunity to do some hands on learning, by developing her Facebook Page and testing out the analytics tools.

“The program aims to provide older citizens with digital skills; I received more than I expected. The program has broadened my vision by showing me many things I did not know, which has greatly inspired me to dream again. No matter how old we are, we can dream, and most importantly, we can always pursue that dream. Being a dreamer once more has ignited my passion for growing, and I’m so happy about it.”

Jane understands that online marketing continues to evolve, which means putting in the extra mile to learn and adapt yourself to align with target customers and leverage current trends. Jane continues to adjust the content on her page all the time. She shares videos and provides health knowledge, including her original commentary and citing third party resources. Her page has become popular with those who share similar interests.

Jane has taught us that we are never too old to build a business or become an entrepreneur. She believes that anyone can start a company based on our ability to learn, regardless of age. However, it is essential to plan appropriately, have a clear marketing strategy, and be confident to execute those plans. If you do what you love, often your audience will respond positively; they can feel the energy.

“Joining this program and learning how to do online marketing made me realize that we can make an extra income and spark a positive mindset. Since I have been developing myself, I feel great. I want others to think outside the box as well. Life can be flexible, so there is no need to focus on age. It doesn’t matter when we start. All that matters is that we start.”

We are so pleased for Jane that the GHB Seniors Got Talent has helped her optimized her business and even inspired her. In the near future, we truly hope that she will gain an opportunity to attend more programs and continue on her professional entrepreneur path.

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