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Economic Contributions of Thailand’s Creative Industries

Jan 26,2023

Fiscal Policy Research Institute (FPRI) (October 2010-December 2010)

Kenan Foundation Asia and the Fiscal Policy Research Institute (FPRI) worked together to measure the economic value of Thailand’s creative industries and to promote awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights.

The project, conceived in 2008, was already underway when the government announced its policy to promote the “creative economy.” In the first part of the project, FPRI used an updated input-output table for eight creative industries to assess their value to the economy. The selected industries were wooden furniture, printing and publishing, pharmaceuticals, jewelry, research, movies, radio and television, and information technology. The study showed that these industries are directly responsible for over 9.5% of Thailand’s GDP. In addition, it found that these creative industries have significant secondary and tertiary impacts that help generate income and improve competitiveness in other sectors of the economy. The study also covered the impact of intellectual property rights violations on the economy.

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