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CITI Financial Literacy for At-Risk Women

Jan 26,2023

Citibank / Citi Foundation (2008-2015)

Kenan, Citi Thailand, and the Citi Foundation partnered to improve the lives of women who are considered at-risk through financial literacy programs that teach personal finance skills, including saving and investment, household management, budgeting, and proper credit management.

The Citi Financial Literacy for At-Risk Women project focused on working with women and families living in slums, women involved in nightlife occupations, temporary workers, and women serving prison terms, seeking to empower them to break the cycle of predatory lending, debt, and abuse that often keeps them in poverty.

The project focused on women who were incarcerated and living in slums. Since 2008, when the project started, 3,022 women have gone through the trainings. These trainings have been shown to be extremely beneficial to participants, increasing their savings by 17% and their budgeting resources by 35%, three months after they completed training.

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