Key Challenges, Lasting Communities

Charting the Course for Sustainable Futures

Aug 24,2023

The 21st century presents unique challenges and unparalleled opportunities for a better future. Kenan Foundation Asia, committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), is at the vanguard of transformative change in Asia. With a clear vision, the Foundation focuses on two pivotal goals: SDG 3, which champions “Good Health and Well-being,” and SDG 11, advocating for “Sustainable Cities and Communities.” Through many projects, the foundation forges paths towards sustainable families and communities, echoing the theme of August.

1. Smart Family Life Planning in Action: Where Health Meets Empowerment

Thailand, a vibrant hub of Southeast Asia, faces pressing concerns related to family planning. Unplanned pregnancies are just one side of the coin, as economic challenges and gender inequalities also loom large. Kenan Foundation Asia addresses these issues head-on with its Smart Family Life Planning initiative. The project aims to empower Thailand’s most vulnerable women, particularly those working in factories and as migrants, to make smart family life plans.

With support from Organon, the project is starting at the grassroots level in Rayong and Samut Prakan. The initiative educates over 2,400 women about sexual and reproductive health (SRH). Further, by nurturing 60 change agents and embarking on widespread community outreach, the program intends to shift the societal narrative around SRH. On a macro level, the Foundation also actively engages in policy transformation, advocating for a nationwide embrace of smart family life planning. The ripple effect? An empowered generation of women with improved SRH knowledge, elevated financial planning skills, and broader workplace opportunities is a significant stride toward SDG 3.

2. The PTTCG Circular Economy: Redefining Waste and Community Cohesion

Plastic is a marvel of modern society and its most persistent pollutant. In collaboration with PTT Global Chemical and ALPHA, Kenan Foundation Asia introduced ENVICCO, a beacon of the circular economy and Southeast Asia’s largest integrated plastic recycling plant. This initiative finds its roots in Rayong’s communities, aiming to capacitate recycling hubs and encourage sustainable community practices.

The genius of this project lies in its multi-faceted approach. University students undergo extensive training and work hands-on with recycling hubs, fostering innovation and sustainable strategies. The grand culmination is a showcase event, spotlighting best practices, ready for replication across the region. This initiative not only boosts SDG 11 but intertwines community involvement and sustainable practices, making urban centers resilient and sustainable.

3. WE Inspire: Crafting Resilient Communities along the Mekong

The communities along the Mekong face unique adversities, further amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Women, who lie at the heart of these communities, find themselves disproportionately affected. The WE Inspire initiative, spanning Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam, empowers these women.

A joint initiative by The Mekong – U.S. Partnership (operated under The U.S. Department of State) and Kenan, WE Inspire project ensures that women are economically stable and health-conscious by bolstering their financial literacy, offering micro-insurance, and emphasizing health-centric finance packages. The byproduct of such an initiative is a resilient community where women act as the fulcrum, holding families together and promoting health and well-being, echoing the principles of SDGs 3 and 11.

Kenan Foundation Asia stands as a testament to what a passionate commitment to sustainable development can achieve. It’s not just about projects or statistics; it’s about sculpting a future where every individual thrives in harmony with their environment. We’ve painted a canvas of possibility through their endeavors – a world where health, sustainability, and community converge. Kenan doesn’t just dream of a better tomorrow; We’re actively building it, ensuring that every family and community has a sustainable and prosperous future to look forward to.

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