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Kenan aims to upgrade the capacity of ASEAN medical and health tourism entrepreneurs

Jan 26,2023

Did you know that the Medical Tourism and Health Tourism industry in Thailand is growing rapidly? Every year, millions of tourists come to Thailand to receive health and medical services, making the sub-sector a key contributor to Thailand’s overall tourism industry and small businesses, which accounts for 21.2% of GDP. Thailand and Bangkok’s hospitals are becoming very popular.

To strengthen the competitiveness of small businesses in the Medical and Health Tourism sector, Kenan Foundation Asia has partnered with Thailand’s Office of SMEs Promotion (OSMEP) on the “Enhancing Competitiveness of ASEAN SMEs through Cluster Development and International Standard Adherence” project. Under the project, Kenan delivers workshops region-wide to help small business owners form clusters and raise the standards of their products and services to meet international quality requirements.

Medical tourism thailand

Through in-depth research and on-the-ground engagement with small business owners across the region, Kenan has developed a relevant and practical guide for ASEAN small businesses to build medical and health tourism clusters and improve quality standards. The content of our first workshop in Thailand is now available for download. Inside you will discover:

? Definition and characteristics of the Medical and Health Tourism industry

? Trends in the Medical and Health Tourism industry throughout ASEAN

? Roadmap for Medical and Health Tourism development in Thailand

You can download this information through our website at

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