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People at Kenan: Khun Wichai Limpitikranon (Ph.D.)

Apr 27,2023

The Thai economy will sustainably develop and move forward when businesses of any size can compete and enter the market steadily. 

What skill is necessary to secure your business and bring you a resilient future in a certain world? Today, Kenan will deliver you a thoughtful interview with Khun Wichai Limpitikranon (Ph.D.) or Mong, Senior Manager, Business and Economic Development.

Everyone has the potential to compete in the business world – We are all just seeking the opportunity and the right battles. 

Wichai Limpitikranon (Ph.D.): I do believe that everyone can reach the highest level of potential that we all have. Suppose we receive the right support and push. I am doing this job because of this concept that I believe in. Nowadays- Thai SMEs – (Small and medium-sized enterprises), as economically disadvantaged groups, are challenged to enter the market; even though many are talented, the hardest part is the big players reserve most of the market areas. The small players barely have a chance in competitiveness. 

At Kenan, we deliver the opportunities to complete the market to our project participants by building a capacity for a resilient future, providing knowledge, technology, and the necessary skill for them to use in their business. We’re reskilling and upskilling to make their perspective less narrow, with our aim to brighten the gap in the business sector.

The Thai economy will develop sustainably when business opportunities arise for every entrepreneurial mind. 

Wichai Limpitikranon (Ph.D.): Thailand will have a long-term sustainability economy when every group in the business sector has the right to complete the market. Any business size or gender, they should have a place to do business. For make our goals turn to be a real-result; Kenan and our partners, both large private companies, government sectors, and independent international sectors, increased competitiveness for MSMEs by producing the project that has been building Thai MSMEs’ capacity for over 27 years. We create the opportunity for them to compete in the market more steadily by providing the knowledge and skills necessary for running their business, like digital marketing skills, creating business plans, communicating, and the opportunities to access the market stability.

Moreover, Kenan also empowers gender equality in the workplace and support the procurement system that promotes female SME entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to enter the supply chain of large companies.

In this world of chaos, you must be open-minded and ready to learn the newness. 

Wichai Limpitikranon (Ph.D.): Nowadays, the world is full of chaos and not stop changing. We should to be resilient, which means flexible and strong in real-life situations; it can mean being able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. The Thai economy is still fragile from the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic; most business sections were shut down and forced to adapt. Also, there are new outbreaks that will happen in the future that we can’t predict. So, we should be prepare for anything that happened. The word VUGA and Bani world be the word that academics use to define this world nowadays.

From my side, 3 skills are essential to help your business survive in this world. The first is Digital Literacy Skills, followed by Financial Literacy Skills such as accounting, income, and expenses—the preliminary statement of profit and loss to take care of your financial situation as well. Lastly is the idea of ​​entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurial Mindset). This idea will help you always have the power to improve yourself, whether you are a business owner or an employee. These will be useful.

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