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People at Kenan: Khun Jarusri Jiravisitkul

May 31,2023

Education is the foundation of life. In this fulfilling and inspiring interview, we’ll hear from Khun Jarusri Jiravisitkul, also known as Mhee, our Senior Manager of the education team. Mhee’s passion for education has ignited the dreams of dedicated teachers and celebrated every positive change in the Thai education system. 

An opportunity to work on a Human Development project marked the start of her seven-year journey in the non-profit sector. 

Jarusri Jiravisitkul(Mhee): I started with Human Capacity Building right after graduating. The example project I had the opportunity to be a part of was the Workforce Development initiative, which aimed to create career path development programs for individuals impacted by the economic crisis. I also contributed to Community Development projects, supporting community businesses and fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors through Public-Private Partnerships. After that, my focus shifted to the education sector, where I worked on elementary and vocational education projects. It’s been almost seven years now, and I never imagined myself working in the non-profit sector before. However, I have found the work to be both challenging and incredibly rewarding, opening up a new experience. It required broadening my knowledge and honing my skills in approaching problems from a holistic perspective. Being an all-rounder is essential when designing projects for development and systematic problem-solving. It is important to ensure that the project aligns with the needs and priorities of the beneficiaries.  

The positive change experienced by the beneficiaries is a rewarding outcome of her devotion. 

Jarusri Jiravisitkul(Mhee): I have always worked on education projects and have been impressed by the positive changes I’ve seen among the beneficiaries. One project I was involved in aimed to strengthen the science and mathematics foundation for vocational students. At that time, education projects primarily focused on developing technical skills, which resulted in limited opportunities for teachers instructing general subjects in technical colleges to participate in teaching skills development training. After one training session, a teacher approached me and shared that he had lost his motivation for teaching. However, his passion was sparked again after participating in the training I organized. He successfully applied the knowledge in his classroom and saw its positive impact on his students. Also, he realized the purpose of being a teacher and how he could inspire change in his students. This experience left a deep impression on me, as I realized that I could inspire and reignite the passion for teaching in someone. It was not just the teachers who experienced positive changes; I also witnessed the positive impact on students. Even from the smallest changes, I saw it as mighty.Top of Form 

One day, I organized an activity with vocational students where many boys were uncomfortable speaking. They tended to focus more on hands-on work and felt more comfortable in that area. However, during the project, I observed a positive change as the students began working together, thinking analytically, confidently presenting their assignments in front of the class, and developing an enjoyment for learning science and mathematics. This change reflected not only the teachers’ hard work and dedication but also my work’s impact. 

Education is the foundation of life.   

Jarusri Jiravisitkul (Mhee): Education is the foundation of life, equipping us with the strength, abilities, and attitudes necessary for living and working. Through education, we build a resilient future and contribute to the development of our society and nation. Kenan Foundation Asia plays a crucial role as a bridge, working towards advancing the education system in Thailand and the wider region through innovative teaching and learning approaches. Our focus is empowering students to learn and apply knowledge to solve problems and foster innovations. We also provide essential resources and organize teacher training to enhance their skills, recognizing that they are at the heart of education. We aim to drive meaningful and impactful change quickly and productively.   

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