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Mr. Nuntawut Pimpaeng: Innovative Education Consultant, Kenan Foundation Asia

Jan 26,2023

NuntawutPimpaeng 1

Time at Kenan: 7 years

Value Discussion: Leadership

Brief job description:
I joined Kenan Foundation Asia in 2010, and I have worked extensively on learning development and teacher education projects for donors such as Chevron, Microsoft, Caltex, Merck and the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science, of the Thailand Ministry of Education. I currently serve as the Awareness and Partnership Consultant on the Kenan Foundation Asia led Chevron Enjoy Science project, a US $30 million, 5-year, public-private partnership to strengthen Thailand’s competitiveness and innovation by improving Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education, and technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and building the public awareness and partnership for informal education learning across the country.

Why did you join Kenan?
It is not only education institutions that have a key role in developing and improving “Education”, Kenan Foundation Asia is a leader in the field of education, social and economic development. I joined because Kenan has always implemented sustainable development program innovatively which empower people and institutions to succeed in solving challenges. Kenan is pioneering changing in region and I feel grateful to be the one of members.

What’s your role at Kenan, and what’s most challenging about it?
I also have worked as a leader in providing consultation and collaborating with government partners on informal STEM education to implement innovative programs such as Maker Space, Maker Faire Bangkok, STEM careers travelling exhibitions, Thailand Children’s University, and etc. The most challenging aspect is leading co-creation among all partners to be on the same page of informal STEM education programs and leading all to have their achievement successfully with the same goal together.

What does Kenan’s value of leadership mean to you?
Leadership has a meaning beyond personal qualities but it should be aligned with the institution. Kenan is a leader in providing knowledge and capacity. I believe that leadership cannot succeed as a one-way direction but it comes from acceptation among people and/or partners who work together. Especially, when we need to listen and transform their challenges by empowering them to determine their own success and provide opportunities necessary for them to achieve their goals.

What do you like most about your work at Kenan?
“Social Contribution”- I have many opportunities to share my contribution back to society in a number of different ways. When I go into the field, I feel emotional touching and connecting with a kid’s dream. Our work lights up the fire in their mind, and its flame lights me up to lead and share in the right way.

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