Today, kids must think critically and dynamically apply science, technology, engineering and math (STEM education) to solve complex problems. Without developing key 21st century skills, Thai children are destined to sink in the fast-paced, Industry 4.0 era. The solution to overcoming these challenges is to inspire kids now to pursue the jobs of tomorrow. This involves giving students opportunities to develop smart skills and an innovative mindset.

Kenan is the leading non-profit provider of education programming in Thailand designed to inspire students, build skilled teachers and grow strong principals. Our learning modules and materials have been adapted from international best practices and matched to meet the local context and curriculum to ensure learning is fun and relevant to school and the real world. Our experts work across Thailand to provide poor students with exciting, hands-on learning activities that inspire them to pursue a 21st century education and dream big about their future.

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Innovation Camps: Fun and inspiring activities where younger kids conduct hands-on experiments using, science, technology, engineering and math and apply smart skills to problem-solving. Contribute to sending a Thai student to innovation camp.

Building 21st Century Teachers: Perhaps no work is more important for the long term health of a society than ensuring teachers can inspire and teach their students to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Kenan experts work with global and local partners to adapt international best practices in high-impact teaching focused on science, technology, engineering and math content to the Thai context, to ensure teachers can inspire and prepare “smart students” who can apply a combination of communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity skills to solve the challenges of the 21st century and achieve their dreams.

Employment Readiness Camps: An intensive camp for students preparing to enter the workforce to help them build their smart skills and workplace knowledge.