Beneficiaries of Kenan Institute Asia projects come from all walks of life. From educators to corporate executives to government officials, Kenan strives to make a lasting impact on society. By focusing on training men and women in leadership roles, Kenan’s work reaches an exponential number of beneficiaries.

IN 2017


SINCE 1996

Students, teachers, principals, public health workers, government officials, corporate employees, managers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, tourism operators, at-risk women, disadvantaged and poor populations, and small business owners all rank among the close to 450,000 direct beneficiaries that Kenan has helped since 1996. We strive to make our programs impactful and sustainable, providing benefits that reach beyond our direct beneficiaries to support the communities where they live and work. Through these activities, our work has touched the lives of more than 1,000,000 people in Southeast Asia.