If you want to develop strong communities, then you had better invest in their leaders. Whether it’s a community of educators, a local community, a civil society organization or a student group, change cannot be sustained if leaders don’t know how to lead.

Kenan’s work to develop leaders of all kinds focuses on training and coaching that not only works to inspire those around them, but to mobilize and manage those they lead to achieve their goals. From our assessment program that helps leaders understand their leadership style, to tailored training and activities designed to sharpen their leadership and management skills, Kenan’s comprehensive leadership programs are building the next generation of strong leaders to help tackle development challenges at the local, national, and regional level.

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Learn About our Work to Grow Strong Leaders

Youth Leaders: It’s never too early to lead. Whether in communities in conflict in Thailand’s Deep South or in rural areas facing encroaching urbanization, Kenan trains young people to unleash their untapped leadership abilities and empowers them to take charge of their own community development initiatives. These young leaders have the amazing ability to connect adversarial groups, promote unity within the community and foster hope where it is badly needed.

School Leaders: Strong leaders are the engines that drive positive change throughout a school. By empowering school leaders with the tools needed to support teachers as they embed high-impact practices in the classroom, Kenan makes education transformation possible. Whether at the vocational or secondary school level, having great leaders is essential to inspiring teachers and cultivating “smart students.”

Civil Society Leaders: Civil society organizations need strong leaders to carry out their important work of delivering much needed services to disadvantaged populations. Kenan provides these leaders with essential leadership and management skills that enable them to sustain their operations, mobilize their constituents and dialogue effectively with decision makers. By applying the skills learned from Kenan’s training, civil society leaders have been able to forward women’s rights, advocate for improved labor standards and provide essential public health services to neglected populations.

Community Leaders: Too often in our increasingly globalized world, local communities are left behind. Having strong local leaders is critical to ensuring that all people receive the support and services needed to pursue their dreams. To help communities overcome a variety of challenges, from malaria outbreaks to economic hardships, Kenan provides tailored programming that empowers local leaders with the skills needed to foster unity, resiliency and sustainability in communities across the region.