Four tips for better sleep

Jan 26,2023

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Living in a fast-paced and highly competitive world requires us to be productive and energetic most of the time. In order to stay both physically and mentally healthy, many people take care of their health by maintaining good nutrition, jogging in the park, or going to the gym. However, sleep remains one of the important routines.

Poor sleep quality may reduce the positive impact of your meal plans and gym membership, or in the worst case, it may leave you with a long-term adverse health outcome. Below are some tips to help improve your sleep:

Tip 1: Regular sleep

The perfect bedtime is 10 PM. because our body releases growth hormone between 11 PM. – 2 AM. This hormone plays a significant role in rejuvenating our immune system and repairing the skin.

Tip 2: Go easy on the caffeine after 4 PM

We consume caffeine and sugar to stay awake during the day and to be ready to nail the task, however consuming these stimulants at the wrong time can delay sleep until the late hours of the night and ruin your sleep schedule.

Tip 3: Reduce smartphone usage before bedtime

Our brain naturally produces melatonin in response to darkness. It controls our sleep-wake rhythm and makes us feel soporific in low-light environments. However, the light from your phone screen hampers melatonin production, so it might be better to put down our device at least 30 minutes before bed.

Tips 4: Napping properly

Taking a nap during the day makes us feel refreshed, but napping too long or late in the day can elicit sleep deprivation at night. Therefore, it is best to remember that nap duration should be around 20-30 minutes in the afternoon only.

These four tips are some of the easiest ways to adopt good sleep habits. It is not too late to start paying close attention to our health and lifestyle.


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