Digital Marketing for Smart Farmers

farmers thailandThe project’s objective is to provide training to develop beneficiaries’ skills in online marketing, business model canvas and adapting to changing consumer behaviors. Through this, the project will help Thai farmers all over Thailand increase the sales of their agricultural products, and ultimately enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of Thai farmers and their families. The project’s target group is a new generation of farmers, aged between 20-45 years, who are successful in operating farms or selling agricultural products. This includes representatives from the Udomsuk community, the BAAC’s Learning Center, the BAAC’s community tourism department, and the Agricultural Marketing Co-operative of BAAC Consumer Limited. There will be five training sessions, each taking place for two hours.

This project will build the online marketing capability of 55 of BAAC’s targeted farmer customers, and by using Facebook, these customers will be able to increase the channel of distribution for their agricultural products. After the training, Kenan Foundation Asia would have increased the participants’ knowledge about online marketing technologies, and the participants will be able to apply this knowledge to improve their business image and provide products that meet customers’ needs. This will increase job opportunities and build a sustained source of income for Thai farmers in the future.