Why companies partner with Kenan

When Kenan Foundation Asia was founded in Thailand in 1996 by former Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr. Anand Panyarachun, as a charitable status, non-profit organization, it was with the understanding that the private sector has an important role to play in helping Thailand and the region address real development challenges. This includes not only private sector resources, but also leveraging knowhow and expertise to meet these challenges through integrated partnerships. As such, it is no wonder that Kenan is the partner of choice for companies such as IBM, Chevron, Citi, and Boeing when they need to deliver credible corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs as part of their overall strategy to engage key stakeholders in the government and the public.


Today, Kenan’s work in social and economic development is well recognized, thanks to our ability to consistently meet the development challenges facing the region, while aligning with key national and regional development priorities such as Thailand 4.0. Specifically, Kenan continues to use its development expertise in partnership with companies that are aligned with our vision to tackle key development challenges facing the region, including: Delivering 21st-century Education; Building Lasting Communities; Supporting Financial Freedom; Promoting Healthy Behavior; and Enhancing Small Business Competitiveness. In tackling these challenges, Kenan has developed a model of social and economic development that is also ideally suited to support corporate objectives, as it’s a proven, results-driven model that rests upon our exceptional capacity building activities, coupled with a deep understanding of how to engage and motivate our beneficiaries to improve their lives.

CSR project partnership

A company’s decision to join hands with Kenan Foundation Asia to empower people through great capacity building and engaging project activities should not be taken lightly. Above all, Kenan seeks to uphold its reputation for delivering credible, documented results that achieve real impact and serve to empower our range of beneficiaries. As a local organization dedicated to delivering quality service for both our beneficiaries and corporate donors, it means we can provide a better value solution to meet corporate needs. As such, companies usually seek to form partnerships with Kenan if they place a high value on results that lead to real societal change, and wish to receive recognition from the public and key government stakeholders for their efforts.

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